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CX Archives - Into The Blue Consulting

Key Customer Experience Trends in 2018

1. The continued rise of the Empowered Customer This has been a trend which has been with us for a few years and will continue to accelerate in 2018. The development of technology and the growth of Social Media means that the customer has a voice, a very loud and influential voice. The smarter organisations are engaging their customers at a much earlier point and gaining their input and thoughts on their plans for the future. These are also the [...]

Why do US brands outperform the UK on CX?

I was taught from a very young age that success is a planned event. It doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen through meticulous planning and hard work. All the statistics show that the USA leads the way in Customer Experience (CX). I am not talking about the ‘Have a nice day’ stuff. I am talking about the scientific application of language and behaviours which drive a considerable ROI for the organisations that get it right. So, what do [...]

CX Programme at Hartridge Engineering

Recently we were delighted to roll out the foundation phase of a CX transformation programme at Hartridge Engineering, a world leader in diesel fuel injection test equipment. This involved working closely with the Board of this Buckinghamshire based manufacturer.  We delivered a series of interactive workshops exploring the importance of CX, their internal culture as well as the Values associated with the business. In addition, we helped them gain a better understanding of their customer’s perspective through various qualitative feedback [...]

Customer Experience in 2017

Here are some key factors we believe will shape Customer Experience in the UK in 2017… Increasing 'smart' consumers In an ever changing marketplace, retailers/service providers will need to consider the fact that their customers are better informed and more demanding than ever before. To ensure growth and the maintenance of a competitive edge, retailers/service providers will need to better understand these savvy customer’s emotionally based buying journey, and have a team with the ability to not only identify the customers’ needs [...]

Thorntons Retail Customer Experience Programme

Over the recent few months we have rolled out an extensive retail Customer Experience coaching and training programme to 40 Thorntons stores across the UK. Our team of CX trainers and coaches worked with Thorntons’ store managers and retail assistants across the UK to improve the Customer Experience in Stores, by focusing on changing behaviours and language. We are delighted to report that after 6 weeks the stores targeted by the programme have shown a significant improvement in both their mystery [...]

Creating a Positive Handover Experience with Taylor Wimpey

Last month we were delighted to provide coaching and consultancy services to one of the UK’s largest housebuilding companies, Taylor Wimpey plc. Working with the site managers and customer service team who conduct the new home handovers, we looked at ways to improve the house handover process. We looked at moving away from being Taylor Wimpey driven i.e. telling the customer all the things Taylor Wimpey wanted to cover in the handover to being customer led i.e. what is important [...]

Pointers for CEOs to Ensure a Sustainable CX Strategy

Enlightened CEOs embrace Customer Experience (CX) as the new competitive battleground and the route to profitable differentiation in organisations. However, delivering a sustainable Customer Experience strategy is not without its challenges. Here are some pointers to help embed an effective CX strategy from the outset:   Go large or go home Conventional wisdom calls for piloting changes on a limited basis which if successful are rolled out more broadly. Whilst this works for individual elements or small tweaks, it does not work [...]

Why Look for Customer Experience Opportunities?

When an organisation is able to recognise Customer Experience opportunities and then make the most of them, they will stand out and offer a superior Customer Experience. This enables them to delight their customers, which in turn comes together to build customer loyalty, reduce churn and increase revenue.   What is a Customer Experience Opportunity? It is a chance to impress and go beyond what is expected. Importantly it can help to deepen the relationship in a positive way. The Disney Institute, an [...]

Why Use a Customer Experience Implementation Partner?

As an increasing number of organisations embrace Customer Experience as a competitive differentiator a question I am frequently asked is – why should an organisation looking to embrace a Customer Experience (CX) approach bring in an external expert or consultant? Here are some of the main benefits of partnering with a Customer Experience specialist, as I see them: Breadth of Experience: A partner brings experience of different sectors, processes and approaches. They can tailor the implementation programme accordingly, ensuring best practice and [...]

Why Measuring Customer Experience is Essential…

The old mantra if you don’t measure it you can’t manage it holds true for your Customer Experience programme.  In our experience regularly measuring Customer Experience (CX) enables organisations to: Capture feedback from their customers, Provide actionable information to recover poor customer experiences, Monitor CX levels over time and assess its impact on business performance, Generate strategic and operational insights for executives. When measuring Customer Experience consider the following: Robust processes are vital… Customers are providing feedback in-person, on review sites, via social media, and through [...]