Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer Programmes

If you are looking to develop a relationship with your customers rather than viewing each sale as a ‘transaction’ – we can help.

Our effective Voice of Customer programme knows the basis of building a strong relationship with your customers is to understanding them properly. Not just ‘thinking’ you understand them (or ‘guessing’ or ‘presuming’). Instead have robust processes in place to gather, interpret and act on the qualitative and quantitative feedback received. This will allow you to objectively understand your customer’s wants and needs.

Whilst a plethora of technology is now readily accessible to help organisations that want to develop an objective understanding of their customers. The real challenge is embedding effective Voice of Customer programme processes and ensuring that the employees are engaged in it at every touchpoint.

A successful Voice of your Customer programme includes:

  1. Gather and listen to customer feedback
  2. Interpret the resulting information
  3. React and make the required changes to improve the experience
  4. Monitor and measure
  5. Repeat the above!

Organisations who really know and understand their customer’s needs, wishes, likes, dislikes and aspirations (by embedding an effective Voice of your Customer programme) will be those who are best placed to deliver a great Customer Experience.