Customer Recovery: Why it can Pay to get Things Wrong

Customer Recovery: Why it can Pay to get Things Wrong

The ultimate objective of Customer Experience is to create loyalty. Not just creating customers who like your brand or are very fond of your brand, but who LOVE your brand and who would not consider taking their business anywhere else. As Ken Blanchard says, it is all about creating ‘Raving Fans’

There are various elements to a CX strategy, and one element which is consistently under-rated is that of putting mistakes right – or Recovery.

If we take the basic elements of a CX strategy, the vast majority carry a strength factor of let’s say, ‘1’ in creating a great experience for customers. The power of Recovery is 4 times greater than this – it is very, very powerful in terms of creating advocates of your business, indeed, those ‘Raving Fans’ that we seek.


What is Recovery?

The biggest misunderstanding around Recovery is that it is not just about taking the pain away for the customer, not just about putting right. This simply puts the customer back to where they were. It will not evoke the emotions required to create that love and loyalty.

A great Recovery will take the pain away, and then deliver a great experience on top of that – this has to be something the customer a) wasn’t expecting and b) is of value to the customer.


An Example of Great Recovery by a Restaurant

Recently on social media, I came across the following great Recovery story. It involves a well-known steak restaurant chain:

‘We arrived at xxxxx in Richmond to find that there had been a mistake with our booking and they could not fit us in. We’re pretty relaxed about this stuff but what happened next was above and beyond.

They gave us free drinks and snacks while they ordered us a taxi to take us to xxxxx in Sloane Avenue. They paid for the taxi, gave us an amazing table, free champagne, special birthday dessert for mum and £££ off of our bill. We’ve always loved these restaurants, the food is amazing, best steaks I’ve had anywhere in the world, and the service always on point, but last night was a different level. 10/10,’

Recovery is all about creating an everlasting memory with the customer, and evoking emotions which will drive future behaviour – do we think this customer will re-visit this chain of restaurants again?

Furthermore, how many people have they told? How many friends and relations? How many colleagues at work? I picked this up on social media, not directly but through someone who sent it on to me – how many people have they reached in total?

There was some cost to the restaurant in terms of taxis, drinks and discount. I am willing to bet they will receive a very good return on their ROI here – not just creating customers for life with the people directly involved on the night, but also the many who have read this great Recovery Story


What is your organisations Recovery Strategy? If you would like to discuss any this or any of the points raised in this article call the Recovery expert, Steve Dudley, on 01604 805 753

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