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Steve Dudley, Author at Into The Blue Consulting

Author - Steve Dudley

Control v Empowerment – the impact on Customer Experience

In a World where consumers are more informed than they have ever been, have more choice and where expectations are continually rising, it is the organisations who put their customers first in all they do who are continuing to grow and be successful What separates the winners from the losers, is culture. It is the culture, set by the leaders of an organisation, not just in what they say, but what they do, which determines how customer centric a business [...]

Key Customer Experience Trends in 2018

1. The continued rise of the Empowered Customer This has been a trend which has been with us for a few years and will continue to accelerate in 2018. The development of technology and the growth of Social Media means that the customer has a voice, a very loud and influential voice. The smarter organisations are engaging their customers at a much earlier point and gaining their input and thoughts on their plans for the future. These are also the [...]

Employee Engagement – why is it important?

Simply put employee engagement can make or break a Customer Experience (CX) programme and is therefore vital in delivering a successful CX programme. Customer service expert and author, Shep Hyken, explains ‘The internal Customer Experience determines the external Customer Experience’. He is backed up by the 2016 Employee Engagement Benchmark Study that shows there is a correlation between employee engagement and success in customer experience. Companies that excelled at customer experience had one-and-a-half times as many engaged employees as customer [...]

Another Retail Sales Coaching and Mentoring Success

As Customer Experience retail experts, we know that the combination of individual and team retail sales coaching delivers compelling results. We saw this earlier in the year when we achieved a 7% uplift in sales at the Thorntons’ stores where we delivered our renowned sales coaching programme. Our latest coaching and mentoring work with a major UK retailer also delivered a significant uplift in sales across the six stores that our specialist CX team supported.   Retail Sales Coaching Programme The initial One [...]

Why do US brands outperform the UK on CX?

I was taught from a very young age that success is a planned event. It doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen through meticulous planning and hard work. All the statistics show that the USA leads the way in Customer Experience (CX). I am not talking about the ‘Have a nice day’ stuff. I am talking about the scientific application of language and behaviours which drive a considerable ROI for the organisations that get it right. So, what do [...]

Are Silos Stopping your Organisation Deliver Great CX?

Joined up Customer Experiences that are differentiated and relevant are proven drivers of business growth. Tesco, Asos and Lidl are just a few of the many brands who are currently enjoying success as a result of new Customer Experience (CX) strategies. Breaking Down the Silos One of the key factors which have proven successful for all these organisations is the breaking down of the many silos which previously existed. Traditionally many large companies, with the way they have grown and as [...]

Customer Recovery: Why it can Pay to get Things Wrong

The ultimate objective of Customer Experience is to create loyalty. Not just creating customers who like your brand or are very fond of your brand, but who LOVE your brand and who would not consider taking their business anywhere else. As Ken Blanchard says, it is all about creating ‘Raving Fans’ There are various elements to a CX strategy, and one element which is consistently under-rated is that of putting mistakes right – or Recovery. If we take the basic elements [...]

Retaining your High Performers

One of the key lessons we have learned about what stops organisations delivering great Customer Experience is not having enough of the right people. All too easily top performers leave because of a lack of awareness around of what they need to remain engaged and motivated. The following are, in our view, the main 10 reasons your high performers will leave your organisation: Lack of empowerment and freedom No one wants to be micro-managed, especially highly-skilled talent. Show that you have confidence [...]

Poor Customer Service Costs Companies £37 billion

If you still doubt the impact that Customer Experience has on the bottom line – look at this new research by Ombudsman Services. It shows that 19% of consumers took their business elsewhere due to poor service, while another 15% made a conscious decision to spend less with a brand in future. This cost businesses a staggering £37 billion in 2016 as consumers either spent less or switched to a rival following poor service. Complaints on the Increase The Consumer Action Monitor [...]

CX Programme at Hartridge Engineering

Recently we were delighted to roll out the foundation phase of a CX transformation programme at Hartridge Engineering, a world leader in diesel fuel injection test equipment. This involved working closely with the Board of this Buckinghamshire based manufacturer.  We delivered a series of interactive workshops exploring the importance of CX, their internal culture as well as the Values associated with the business. In addition, we helped them gain a better understanding of their customer’s perspective through various qualitative feedback [...]