Another Retail Sales Coaching and Mentoring Success

Another Retail Sales Coaching and Mentoring Success

As Customer Experience retail experts, we know that the combination of individual and team retail sales coaching delivers compelling results. We saw this earlier in the year when we achieved a 7% uplift in sales at the Thorntons’ stores where we delivered our renowned sales coaching programme.

Our latest coaching and mentoring work with a major UK retailer also delivered a significant uplift in sales across the six stores that our specialist CX team supported.


Retail Sales Coaching Programme

The initial One Day Workshop with the Store Managers was followed up with two days spent in each Store observing the team on a one-to-one basis, while giving ‘in the moment feedback’ and coaching.

By focusing on rapport and trust building, understanding and meeting customer needs, overcoming objections and closing in a supportive way, sales results improved immediately.  In the five weeks of coaching, an additional £95,000 was generated across the six stores.*

If you would like to find out how Into the Blue can help improve sales and Customer Experience please call Steve on 07939 115 965 or via our contact form. Alternatively check out our popular one day Retail Sales Training Workshop.


*This was calculated by measuring ATV and conversion against a control set of Stores

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