Customer Journey Mapping

Why Map your Customer’s Journey?

Mapping your customer’s journey is valuable as gives powerful insight into your customer’s experience. From initial contact, through the process of engagement as well as the long-term relationship. It puts your customer front and centre as it identifies the key touchpoints and assesses their feelings, motivations, expectations and questions at each step.

Undertaking this mapping process will provide a useful overview of your customer’s current experience of your organisation.  It also

  • shows how customers move through your sales funnel.
  • identifies the opportunities to enhance the experience.
  • identifies the gaps between channels, departments or devices that cause frustration.

Bespoke Journey Mapping Programmes

Our practical, hands on customer journey mapping process can take many forms depending on the structure of your organisation, the sector, the channel and your customers. Whatever the format that works best for your company, the goal is the same to educate your business about your customers – putting them first. And importantly encourages people across your business to consider your customer’s feelings, questions and needs.

Outcomes from Mapping your Customer Journey

Holistic overview: It will help your team a better understanding of the whole business from your customer’s perspective as we involve them in all ‘stages’ of the customer journey – this can be enlightening experience for them and invaluable in getting their buy in.

Catalyst for change: Seeing your business from your customer’s perspective often shines a light on opportunities to improve your offering and issues to enhance your customer’s experience.

Useful starting point: mapping the journey when done right is a useful tool to provide a cornerstone of a customer experience transformation process however done in isolation or with poorly devised objectives it will flounder.

So if your business is looking for expert customer journey mapping support. We can help.  Call us on +44 (0)1604 805 753.